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Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto, September 20th 2014

Missin’ these guys

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Whirr // Cambridge, MA

It was nice to finally photograph them. One of my favorite bands to edit or drive around to right now. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

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Cambridge, photos by Nick Dinatale.


"A Disappointing Album Whirr’s newest album, Sway, is boring."


How does it feel having Whirr be a more alienating band than you guys? asked by Anonymous


Slow and steady wins the race. 

It takes time to lose every last fan. This is now a test of stamina. 

Lolll. This is a good band.

Whirr: Sway



Lol. All the wrong info. Fucking dorks.


Tokyo was beyond anything we could’ve imagined. Thank you to everyone involved. We love you. Till next time… xoxoxo

Japan meets the players.


Fuck this, lets listen to some tapes!
<a href=”http://whirrband.bandcamp.com/album/part-time-punks-sessions” data-mce-href=”http://whirrband.bandcamp.com/album/part-time-punks-sessions”>Part Time Punks Sessions by Whirr</a>
WHIRR - Part Time Punks Sessions 2012
A random tape off the shelf from a few years back that I think came from Aquarius Records. I might have bought this, I’m not sure, it’s possible Stef got it somehow as well. Based on where it was in the apartment I’m inclined to think I bought this on the random, I do that sometimes because as much as I don’t like a lot of music I have hope.  It could be a Stef purchase too that I just put away but I’m doubtful. The tape is 4 of 200 and now looking at it I don’t think it’s ever been played and I’m kind of wondering why I copped, if I did cop anyways. Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m reviewing a tape it’s because my birthday was last week and so I decided that I would make Stef review a record that I purchased. Well she hasn’t done it yet so I’m just going to do whatever I want now. I was going to grab a record but then I was arranging some cassettes and saw this tape I couldn’t remember the sound of and here we are.
BlueRight out of the gate this is way to shoegazy for me. The song title fits though, it’s fitting of the mood they set with this kind of down the hallway singing and the ambiance of the guitars. Heavy on the atmospheres with this band. It’s a wall of shoegaze but not as noisy as I would like this too be. It’s not some pop punk shit but I’d like this if it was more dense and gritty.
FlashbackKicking it off with the guitars by themselves and then drums come in and everyone joins up. This is pretty alt punky, breh. I don’t know man this song sounds like a diary or a video where someone is hanging their hand out of the wind and driving around looking at polaroid skylined sunsets. Or like the posse ride to the beach bicycle scene of a fixed gear video.
JuneIs this the backyard boogie jam? Somehow I don’t envision dudes grilling beers and drinking meats to this. I can’t really make out the lyrics to this, they are just so faint compared to the rest of the music. I catch a few things, enough to kind of make out the emotion of the song but not really enough to understand it you know.
TwistThe singing is more pronounced on this joint, there is a swelling of guitars and then again more melodic atmosphere. It’s not drony but like a light heavy feeling. Like if a skinny girl with a deer sweater sat on your chest.
Color Change (demo)Out the gate this one is way slower than anything else on here but man cut the shit with the fucking tambourine. I know you want the singer to do something with there hands but fuck that stupid instrument. There aren’t even any drums let the drummer get some man, fuck a tambourine. This song sounds like they recorded it in a long ass cave but I guess that’s also why its the demo joint.
The internet tells me Whirr is from Oakland so I guess that makes sense, this does kind of have that westcoast too much sunset for my alt depression vibes so I want to stare at my pigeon toes and sing songs using the acoustics of a Lake Merritt restroom. Actually after looking around on the internets a bit more it turns out the bassist was in Deafheaven and one of the vocalist is also the lady who records as King Woman. I don’t remember if I knew any of that at the time I think I might have possibly bought this but I like King Woman, but that stuff is darker than this so it’s more in my lane. Anyways yeah I’m not really with alt girl reading a book at the bar sitting on my chest vibe but maybe you are on that art show wine tip.



It’s funny that what truly set Whirr off is the Nothing LP getting a really appropriate review cuz that record was honestly a disappointment.

Lol. This guy takes himself seriously.